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Trieste Photo Days

Festival internazionale
della fotografia urbana

“Downtown” di Aurélien Voldoire

"Downtown" di Aurélien Voldoire
» Luogo: Eppinger Caffé (Via Dante Alighieri 2 Trieste)
» Data: giovedì 22 ottobre 2015 - domenica 22 novembre 2015
» Ora: Durante l'orario di apertura
» Info evento:


Personale del fotografo francese classificato al concorso URBAN 2015.

* * *

Discovering the United States is rushing into a new crazy adventure. This huge country, which can initially puzzle the foreigner, is not easy to understand. Only after several travels can it be seen differently. We must learn to like the deceptive monotony of the cities if we want to understand them. We must accept the immensity of the roads and plains to appreciate them.The repetition of photos, associated to places travelled over and over ,makes me feel the infinite of this American country.

Aurélien Voldoire is a photographer. Born thirty years ago in the Central Region of France, he started working seriously on series of photos during his travels in the States. He has travelled to every corner of the United States in search of its oversized urban landscapes. An unexpected America , non conventional, without its skyscrapers and its human masses spreading over the megalopolis. He tackles the theme of the empty space, of fleeting moments, the state of transition in a contemplative and timeless atmosphere.An architecture, non attracting at first sight, that can surprise the traveller who discovers it. He likes this modern and dazzling American way of life.It is not only a trip in the States, it is a real, personal adventure, four consecutive years of photographic work, achieved while travelling on the roads of fifteen states, from east to west and from north to south.

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