How to display your photos at Trieste Photo Days

Many photographers contact us to find out how they can display their works in an exhibition of the Trieste Photo Days.

We are truly honored by the interest shown in our festival and we have decided to create this page to respond collectively.

Except in very rare cases, we are not able to evaluate individual spontaneous applications as we tend to organize the festival contents around collective projects conceived by our platform Exhibit Around, or related to our international photo contest URBAN Photo Awards.

We therefore invite all photographers interested in exhibiting at the festival to apply through our main projects:

  1. By participating in URBAN Photo Awards with single photos, projects/portfolios and/or “dummies” (sketches of photo books). Submissions are open every year from 1 March to 31 May. Trieste Photo Days hosts the Winners Exhibition, the Award Ceremony and various related exhibitions at prestigious museums. During the festival, we organize collective exhibitions of ranked photos every year, which take place in the city center under the Trieste Photo Fringe There are also several exhibitions outside the city and abroad (Photo Days Tour), in clubs, exhibition halls and museums.
  2. By participating in one (or more) open calls on Exhibit Around with single photos and / or projects / portfolios. We launch several open calls during the year (take a look at the website). Each call leads to an editorial / exhibition project that culminates during the festival, in Trieste or outside the city (Photo Days Tour). For example, in 2019 we created Short Street Stories, a collective tribute to Martin Parr’s street photography that resulted in a volume and an exhibition, which was inaugurated by Parr himself. In 2020 we paid homage to Alex Webb in the same way with Chromantic.

These are the ideal ways that a photographer has to get noticed and see their works on display at Trieste Photo Days. It is not uncommon for us to “discover” talents who has participated in our initiatives and then invite them as guests to the festival the following year. It happened with Tadashi Onishi, Tatsuo Suzuki, Alain Schroeder and many more!

For any information please write to info@triestephotodays.com