Launching Trieste Photo Days 2023 – 10th edition

Trieste Photo Days 2023 - Photo © Andrea Verena Prenner

Photo © Verena Andrea Prenner

Trieste Photo Days
International Festival of Urban Photography
10th edition
27-28-29 October 2023

The Festival will transform the city of Trieste into a magical stage where art and creativity will find their maximum expression.
A significant milestone, which the organizing associations dotART and Exhibit Around APS
want to share and celebrate with all the photographers, authors, supporting institutions, members, and photography enthusiasts.


From 27 to 29 October, with more than 1500 photo exhibited, the Tenth Edition of Trieste Photo Days will amaze us with a wide variety of events: meetings with renowned international photographers, unprecedented photographic exhibitions in the main exhibition venues of the city, training events with workshops and masterclasses, exciting presentation events with authors and scientific consultants.
As always, the common thread of this edition will be the high artistic and cultural level that has characterized this extraordinary event for years.

Trieste Photo Days will open the Tenth Edition on the occasion of the Barcolana, the largest sailing regatta in the world, with an extensive photographic exhibition “waiting for Trieste Photo Days“. Set up in the suggestive setting of the Hisotrical Market of Trieste, located in the heart of the city and full of atmosphere, the great exhibition will transform this suggestive and fascinating urban place into a real art gallery. On display are the best photographs taken from the “Trieste Audace”project, a tribute to the hometown created to celebrate this important milestone, and an incredible selection of photographs taken from the 14th edition of the URBAN Photo Awards international contest conceived by the dotART association itself, counted among the most important competitions in the world.

Among the innovations launched in the Tenth Edition the Trieste Photo Days Best Author Award and the Spazio TALENT dedicated to the Under 35s.


Among the super-guests of Trieste Photo Days 2023: Alec Soth, Jérôme Sessini, Kadir van Lohuizen, Laura Zalenga.

Alec Soth, an American photographer and member of the prestigious Magnum Photos Agency, is known for his large-scale projects portraying rural and urban America, often focusing on neglected corners of the country, such as “Sleeping by the Mississippi” on cities post-industrial decaying Midwest. Soth’s photographs often portray individuals disconnected from society, highlighting the loneliness and isolation of modern life.
Alec Soth, member of the URBAN Photo Awards 2023 Commission, will announce and personally award the overall winner of the Single Photos section during the URBAN Photo Awards Ceremony, Saturday, 28 October at the “Marco Sofianopulo” Auditorium of the Revoltella Civic Museum of Modern Art.

Jérôme Sessini, a member of the Magnum Photos agency, has followed most of the international events (Kosovo, Palestine, Iraq, the fall of Aristide in Haiti, the conquest of Mogadishu by Islamic militias and the war in Lebanon, and the long-term project So far from God, too close from the US on the battle of drug cartels in Mexico).
Sessini will be the main guest of the project Mythography III: Diana, Minerva, Ceres – the third volume of the Mythography series freely inspired by Greek and Roman mythology created by Exhibit Around APS – on display in the Salone degli Specchi of the Sartorio Museum. The volume will be edited and presented at the Festival by Enrico Medda, Professor of Greek Literature at the University of Pisa.
As a member of the URBAN Photo Awards 2023 Commission, Jérôme Sessini will choose and personally award the winning project of the URBAN Projects & Portfolio section.
The great photographer Magnum will also hold talk and a not to be missed workshop!

Kadir van Lohuizen, a member of the NOOR images agency, known for his long-term projects on the seven rivers of the world, sea level rise, the diamond industry, and migrations in the Americas, will be the main guest of the project 71% The State of Water, the large collective photographic exhibition dedicated to Water  represented here in all its forms.
Based on the volume of the same name created by Exhibit Around APS, the exhibition 71% The State of Water will host images by 206 exceptional photographers worldwide (“Umberto Veruda” room). The volume will be presented at the Festival by Gaetano Mangiameli, Associate Professor at the Philosophy Department of the University of Milan-La Statale, where he teaches Cultural Anthropology and Environmental Anthropology.
Furthermore, as a member of the URBAN Photo Awards 2023 Commission Kadir van Lohuizen will personally choose and award the winner of the URBAN Book Award 2023.
Also scheduled a talk and an unmissable meeting with the public and a Masterclass!

Laura Zalenga, born in 1990, is a German conceptual photographer who has developed an evident and minimalist visual language in her work which often consists of self-portraits defined by the artist as “not myself” as she proposes a reading of the subject as an anonymous protagonist, rather than a specific person. Her work is characterized by clear visual language, surprising concepts, and the power to show raw and honest emotion.
Laura Zalenga will be at Trieste Photo Days with a personal exhibition at the Sala Comunale d’Arte, a talk, and an unmissable workshop.

Lello Fargione will be the protagonist of the exhibition Sguardi occidentali in Birmania (Western gazes in Burma) at the Civic Museum of Oriental Art as part of the collaboration undertaken in 2018 with the Photo Library of the Civic Museums of History and Art of Trieste, where contemporary photography dialogues with historical photography and the collection of oriental art exhibited in the museum.
In the exhibition, the photographer’s contemporary shots dedicated to Burma dialogue with the photographic collection USIS (United States Information Service) kept in the Photo Library of the Civic Museums of History and Art.

Francesco Aglieri Rinella, awarded by Nino Migliori and Susan Meiselas in the contest for Under 35s at Trieste Photo Days 2022, as well as winning author of the exhibition at the Museum of Poreč selected by the director Elena Uljančić in the context of the URBAN Photo Awards 2023, will be on display in the “Arturo Fittke” room, at the first edition of the Space TALENT.
Conceived with the photographer Vincenzo Labellarte, artistic consultant of the Trieste Photo Days, Spazio TALENT aims to discover and celebrate the emerging voices in the world of photography. Supported by the Pietro Pittini Foundation and in collaboration with PAG – Youth Area Project of the Municipality of Trieste, it offers young talents the opportunity to exhibit their latest works and share their experiences.

Mariagrazia Beruffi, winner of the “Selection of photographic projects evaluated by Tony Gentile” at Trieste Photo Days 2022,  will be on display at Sala Xenia with “Chinese Whispers”.
Selected from over 40 submitted works, Chinese Whispers recounts the significant changes in Chinese megalopolises, in which the illusion of unbridled innovation collides with the “Big Brother” who watches and records everything.

Also scheduled are the exhibitions: URBAN Photo Arena (3rd ed. of Trieste Photo Young); URBAN Exhibition-Prize “Civic Museums” at the Sartorio Museum; URBAN Unveils the City and its secrets at the Central Post Office, the exhibition of the Winners of URBAN Photo Awards 2023 and URBAN Book Award.

Among the top events is also the Icons of Architecture Special Award, born from the collaboration between URBAN Photo Awards and Matrix4Design. After three editions dedicated to the urban architecture of the new millennium, the Award evolves from “New Buildings” to “Icons of Architecture,” where the subjects of the shots are the iconic buildings that have contributed to writing a history of architecture.

During the Festival, will also be presented:
– the Vajont Photo Days project, created on the occasion of the celebrations for the day in memory of the Vajont tragedy;
 “Gli Occhi di Gorizia” (The Eyes of Gorizia) project, carried out with the students of ISIS Galilei of Gorizia as part of the activities for GO!2025 European Capital of Culture 2025 Nova Gorica – Gorizia.

Space also for Members with the first edition of EA Cup 2023 and the local activities carried out with photographers and photographic clubs of the Region as part of the PixAround FVG project.

The exhibitions of Trieste Photo Fringe, the “widespread Festival” in a selected circuit of venues in the city center, will crown the huge program of the Festival as well as the exhibitions outside the city of the Photo Days Tour: Poreč (until 31 August), Trieste Airport (until 3 September, followed by two other exhibitions), Milan (CRISTINA Brera showroom, in October as part of the Milano Photofestival 2023) and in Vajont (autumn 2023).

Trieste Photo Days 2023 is promoted by the dotART and Exhibit Around APScultural associations in coordination with the Municipality of Trieste, with the contribution of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region – Io Sono FVG, Kathleen Foreman Casali Charity Foundation, Pietro Pittini Foundation, Cassa Rurale FVG; the Partnership with CRAF – Centro di Research and Archiving of Photography, Italian Post Office and Postal and Telegraph Museum of Central Europe, Aidia Trieste – Italian Association of Women Engineers and Architects, Poreč Museum, Trieste Airport and GO!2025.
Main partners of the event: Install.Pro, Unicusano Trieste, Unicar Muggia e Trieste e Trieste Coffee Festival.

Best of 2022:


Trieste Photo Days 2023 - Photo © Andrea Verena Prenner