PROGRAM Trieste Photo Days 2023 – All events are for free!

The program may be subject to minimal variations, stay updated on our website
Access subject to availability


9:30 – from Sala Xenia   PHOTOGRAPHIC WALK for Trieste Photo Days Festival visitors

With Sabina Viezzoli, FVG professional Naturalistic Guide with a particular passion for the Bora wind!
Maximum 15 people


12:00 – Sala Xenia   OPENING of the 10th Edition of Trieste Photo Days Festival

16:00 – Sala Veruda   MEET KADIR VAN LOHUIZEN (and book signing)

Special guest of the photographic project  71% – The State of Water

17:30 – Sala Xenia   EXHIBITIONS, BOOKS and AWARDS

  • Mythography vol. III: Diana, Minerva and Ceres– With Jérôme Sessini and Professor Enrico Medda – AWARDS
  • URBAN Photo Arena– LIVE Semifinals with Jérôme Sessini, Kadir van Lohuizen and Laura Zalenga
  • 71% – The State of Water With Kadir van Lohuizen and Professor Gaetano Mangiameli – AWARDS
  • 71% – The State ofWater: presentation of the photographic volume and of the ZINE

20:30 – Authors’ Dinner at PIER (on demand)


(entrance from 9.30)

10:00 – Sala Xenia   MEET THE AUTHORS

  • Krzysztof Bednarski, URBAN Press Award Winner. A conversation with Giovanni Pelloso Chief editor of IL FOTOGRAFO magazine and journalist
  • Rafael Fabres, URBAN BOOK Award Winner, presents Cafuné
  • Pierpaolo Mittica, special guest of VAJONT PHOTO DAYS: 1963 -2023
  • Western Views in Burma, presentation of exhibition with Lello Fargione, Claudia Colecchia and Francesca Avignone. A visit to the exhibition will follow

17:30 – Auditorium Museo Revoltella   URBAN PHOTO AWARDS 2023 AWARDS CEREMONY – 14th Edition

With Alec Soth, Jérôme Sessini, Kadir van Lohuizen, Laura Zalenga

  • Special Prizes: Poreč Museum, “Civic Museums”, Icons of Architecture/Matrix4Design
  • URBAN Book Award, Projects & Portfolios, URBAN Press Award
  • Single Photos
  • URBAN Photo Arena – LIVE Final and AWARDS
  • URBAN 2023 Overall Winner

Announcement of the Trieste Photo Days 2023 BEST AUTHOR

20:30 – Gala Dinner at Savoy Restaurant (on demand)


(entrance from 9.30)

10:00 – Sala Xenia   TALK WITH THE GUESTS

  • Kadir van Lohuizen, meeting the photographer NOOR Images
  • Jérôme Sessini, meeting the photographer Magnum

14:30 – Sala Xenia   TALK WITH THE GUESTS and AWARDS

  • Photography Clubs Battle – AWARDS
  • TALENT Space | Francesco Aglieri Rinella presents No Place to go But Everywhere
  • Mariagrazia Beruffi, presents the personal exhibition Chinese Whispers
  • Natalya Saprunova, presents the personal exhibition Living on permafrost land
  • Laura Zalenga, presents the personal exhibition Don’t look at me
  • Projects Selection Trieste Photo Days 2023 by Jérôme Sessini – AWARDS
  • EA Cup – AWARDS

Festival Closing Toast and Exhibit Around membership!


  • 71% – The State of Water. Special guest: Kadir van Lohuizen – Sala “Umberto Veruda”
  • Mythography III: Diana, Minerva and Ceres.Special guest Jérôme Sessini – Museo Sartorio, 2nd floor
  • Urban Photography: Trieste and Cities from the World – Mercato Coperto (Historical Market):
    • Trieste Audace
    • URBAN 2023, the best of
  • URBAN Photo Awards 2023 – Winners Exhibition – Sala Xenia
  • URBAN 2023 – Civic Musesums Special Prize – Museo Sartorio:
    • Alain Schroeder, Lelo
    • Andrea Bettancini, The failure of reason
    • Giovanni Sacco, Memento Mori
    • Martina D’Agresta, Tempra
  • URBAN 2023 Book Award– Rafael Fabres, Cafuné – Sala Xenia
  • URBAN 2023 Press Award– Krzysztof Bednarski, Parisian Night Stories – Sala Xenia
  • URBAN svela la Città e i suoi SegretiPalazzo delle Poste Centrali (Central Posts’ Palace)
  • URBAN Photo Arena (ex Trieste Photo Young, 3rd edition) – Sala ”Arturo Fittke”
  • Lello Fargione,Western Views in Burma – Museo d’Arte Orientale (Oriental Art Museum)
  • Francesco Aglieri Rinella, No Place to go But Everywhere – Sala ”Arturo Fittke”
  • Natalya Saprunova, Living on permafrost land – Sala Xenia
  • Laura Zalenga, Don’t look at me – Sala Comunale d’Arte (Municipal Art Hall)
  • Maria Grazia BeruffiChinese Whispers – Sala Xenia
  • Gli Occhi di Gorizia – Sala ”Arturo Fittke”
  • EA Cup 2023 – Exhibit Around members trophy, IstEdition – Sala Xenia


Trieste Photo Days 2023 - Photo © Andrea Verena Prenner